Currently residing in Honolulu, HI with my partner of many years, C.A. Storm is the obvious pen-name for a not-so-young-anymore graphic designer and former tabletop game designer who has finally gotten off his own Irish ass and making a serious go at writing novels.

I’ve been a Yeoman in the U.S. Navy, a professional editor and game designer, a graphic designer, and worked more odd jobs than I care to remember. Having grown up as an Air Force BRAT, and being a bit of a Traveler at heart, I’ve been lucky enough to live all over the world, and I try and bring in a bit of that experience into my writing.

I started reading historical romance novels from a young age, intermingling them with horror and fantasy, and being quite Irish in heritage, it all mixed with my love of the supernatural and paranormal.

I’m a firm believer that love can wear many different guises, and come in many different forms.